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The best

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What the f*ck is this anyway?

experience is a publication that looks beyond a single destination to collect the moments and stories in-between.


vol. 1 is all about music. We've curated a set of Austin experiences based on four of our favorite artists playing at SXSW this year.


Psych Experience

Oh Sees

Oh Sees

Psychadelic / Garage / Punk

Psych-punk psychic warrior, ear worm-farmer, and possessor of many stamped passport pages John Dwyer does not let up. His group Oh Sees (aka Thee Oh Sees, OCS, The Oh Sees, etc.) have transmogrified to fit many a moment — from hushed druggy folk to groovy demonic pop chants to science fictional krautrock expanse and beyond — to suit his omnivorous whims. Brain-stem body rock meets cerebral expanses, and their now du jour prolifically feeds a labyrinthine garden of well-hewn tunes.

El Primo

San Francisco has Austin beat by way of burritos. but when it comes to tacos, El Primo takes care of you. The typography on this trailer could inspire their next LP cover.

Little Brother

Late nights, early mornings. No regulars. Say no more. This is a great spot to grab coffee, beer, or both and watch the owner hit the mini ramp on his motorcycle.


The anytime bar in the Rosewood neighborhood. This Buffalo, NY inspired bar has a laid-back attitude and all you can't eat, delicious coney dogs.

End of an ear

John Dywer's mantra is f*ck CDs. End of an Ear is home to the best garage, psych, punk, and experimental metal vinyl collection in town. They have CDs too, but f*ck it.


Indie Experience



Indie / Surf / Pop Rock

Her's are Stephen Fitzpatrick and Audun Laading. Liverpool's premier crank-pop duo are responsible for birthing a catalog of tunes that's spread an epidemic case of the jives on both sides of the Atlantic. A wistful tenderness inhabits the architecture of their perfect oddball pop. If Her's vibe is your metaphoric cup of tea, the pastiche of contemporary and off-beat Mod-inspired culture created by these few must-visit spots might just perfect your Her's immersion here in Austin.

June's ALl Day

Chill, sophisticated neighborhood wine bar with a Wes Anderson/Parisian cafe flair. Go for brunch, go for happy hour, stay for late-night vibes and pink neon lights.

Cheer Up Charlie's

Queer, and artsy, and kewl. As Cheer Ups puts it: Wunder-Pilz Kombucha on tap, Fresh Squeezed Juive Cocktails, Local Brew, Creative Events, Rad Friends, Vegan+Queer.

Mass Gallery

MASS Gallery is a lo-fi but world-class, artist-run gallery space for cultivating and engaging a variety of interests and acts of art making.

House of St. Claire

The East Side boutique delivers an au courant collection steeped in contemporary takes on classic silhouettes. House of St. Clair is crafted in the USA with the utmost attention to detail.